Put Down The Phone: Binge Texting Is The Most Annoying Relationship Trait

Delete and unfollow.

A strong mutual annoyance is the foundation of any good romantic relationship in your teens. You text them too much. They text you too much. You break up and immediately scrub your phone of their number and your Facebook of their friendship. Relationships are tough, man.

A new study published by the Pew Research Center says 36 percent of teens have sent a romantic partner "a very large number of texts in a short period of time." Of those surveyed, 72 percent say they text their significant other every day and 31 percent have experienced a partner or and ex checking in on them multiple times a day to see who they're with, where they are and what they're doing.

Teenagers in romantic relationships also reported sending messages to other people pretending to be their boyfriend or girlfriend, and a crazy 4 percent admitted to downloading a tracking at to their partner's phone without them knowing! Yeesh.


Once teens have ended their relationship with their over-texting, GPS-installing, constantly-in-contact ex, however, they have no trouble purging their details from their lives. The study says 48 percent delete their ex's phone number after a breakup, and 30 percent have blocked their texts. But that purge doesn't stop on a smartphone. On social media, 38 percent have untagged and deleted pics with their former beaus, and 37 percent block them outright. That's cold.

"I think social media makes it hard after a breakup," said one teen in the study, "but it can make it easier. Because sometimes I want to talk to my best friend after I break up with someone. I’ll be sad. And then they’re always there for me, and it’s easier to talk to them over social media because then they won’t see me cry or anything."


That's great and all, but another participant perfectly summed up those post-breakup social media blues from the other side:

"A lot of people, like, will post sad quotes on Instagram [after a breakup]. … I’m like, OK. I really don’t care. You know?"

Ouch. Changes in technology always throw a new element into the dating game; it's how you handle them that matters.