Tipsy Rock The House For Addicted To Noise

Third anniversaries are generally not ones you make a big deal about. But in

Web years, three is practically a lifetime. Think five dog years or a decade

in human brain cells lost. So this year, to celebrate Addicted to Noise's triple-play,

we invited a hundred or so of our closest friends to our scenic San Francisco

offices on Thursday night, and we

filled their ears with the Willy Wonka boat ride music of a crazed trio of

local musicians who call themselves Tipsy.

Part trip-hop cocktail music, part carnival Hawaiian slack key inferno jazz,

the low-key members of Tipsy (RealVideo excerpt) , who opened for David Byrne earlier this year

and just returned from a European festival gig, stood nonchalantly behind

their keyboards, samplers, guitars and turntables and gave the crowd a stern

lesson in the dynamics of electronic lounge music.

With an over-amped opening set that would have sent most Cocktail Nation

denizens scuttling toward the roof for an extra-wide smoke, the trio blasted

through songs from their album, Trip Tease, adding a rock touch to

their kitschy Martin Denny-loving swizzle stick sounds. The spaced-out

bachelor pad music swung from torrents of white noise overlaid with subtle

scratching to carousel merry-go-round bursts of keyboards and distorted


The group, who originally pasted together tracks on their debut such as "Mr.

Excitement" and "Nude on the Moon" from exotica heroes Esquivel and Martin

Denny (only to strip many of those out and reconstruct the music due to

licensing hassles), had many of those classic LP's close at hand Thursday

night to add to the sonic wash.

Once the sonic overload of the first set had faded into the dark recesses of

the room, the duo (the guitarist slipped out while we were getting drinks)

played a second set of mellow, kick-back ambient spy movie lounge tunes,

commonly referred to as the "experimental" set. All in all, the perfect

compliment to three years of chaos, disorder, being spread-too-thin, and

finally, cool focus at Addicted To Noise. -- ATN staff report [Mon., Dec. 22, 1997, 9:00 a.m.