Le1f Serves High Camo Glamour In His Ambient New 'Sup' Video

Watch Le1f's new video for "Sup."

What's up in Le1f's new video? EVERYTHING.

Rewind back to "Boom" for a sec, to the part where Le1f asserts that: "They wanna see me blend in like Realtree/But I can'ts do thats -- I gots to do me." To prove that even the most sophisticated camo technology stands no chance at masking his flawlessness, the rising artist dons full head-to-toe hunter's regalia in his new "Sup" video. And, yet? ALL EYES REMAIN ON HIM.

The Jesse Miller-Gordon-directed clip sees the New York native trekking through the woods in search of a pillar of light beaming down from the heavens off in the distance, occasionally popping off to some ruins for a gloriously posed rest. Unlike "Boom" or the horn-filled "Wut," "Sup" musically resembles the anxious, downtempo, electronic ambiance felt on "Spa Day." Come on, take a dip.

All the while, Le1f's verses on the Hey EP track touch on being in total control of a flirting situation: "He said, 'What's the tea?' Black/ He's asking me about the zodiac/ I'm like, 'Hey, bruh, you don't know me like that'/ But if you got the milk and honey, could be homies like that." BRB, rushing to Sam's Club to splurge on milk and honey in bulk.

+ Watch Le1f's "Sup" video.

Photo credit: XL/Terrible