Adam Lambert’s Already Our No. 1 Summer Babe & It’s Only May

Check out this smiley summer selfie of Adam Lambert!

Adam's serving nothing but summertime flawlessness.

Can someone please explain how Adam Lambert already has that flawless summertime glow while we remain as pasty as baking power? It's only May. What is this West Coast sorcery?!

Never mind, we forgot that when you are a living, breathing demigod of perfection, you're gifted with a natural glow that can be seen from all corners of the universe. Meanwhile, the rest of us are forced to rely on a little something called "vitamin D" to achieve such luminescence. #Sigh

Jealousy aside, can we all agree that this selfie the "If I Had You" singer took with friend Terrance Spencer gives us all kinds of summertime feels? Like, even staring into the sun's reflection in the boys' shades has transported us into some beautiful world of lazy beach days, pool parties, barbecues, and outdoor concerts.

Speaking of concerts, Adam's touring with Queen this summer, which means that we're all but legally required to declare him our unofficial King of Summer! When you see the outfit he has to wear -- a crown, a gold-lamé speedo, and nothing else -- you'll understand why we're so eager to call it.

Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram