The Ready Set Dish Out Questionable Life Advice In Surreal 'Higher' Video

Watch The Ready Set's new video for "Higher."

Watch the new clip from The Ready Set, aka Jordan Witzigreuter.

Just because a pop song is catchy, that doesn't mean that it can't deliver subliminal, inspirational messages to the youth of America in order to improve their lives. Actually, in the case of The Ready Set's new "Higher" video, "subliminal" might not be the right word, as the clip prominently displays such advice as "DNT TXT N DRIVE IT CAN DEF W8" and "Don't use electronic appliances in the shower."

Then again, it's hard to argue with either of those, TBQH.

From there, things just get weirder and more dangerous as Jordan Witzigreuter demonstrates both how to make eye contact with a creepy mannequin and why you shouldn't show off all of your cool knife tricks to your friends. Pretty helpful, right? Don't laugh.

Later on, some sock puppets and a pervy bunny show up, only adding to the absurdity of the Ours and Yours-directed clip. "It's probably the most unconventional video I think I've ever made," Witzigreuter said in a behind the scenes video.

The song comes to us from The Bad & The Better, out May 27 on Razor & Tie, and it's "about climbing out of the dark place and the idea that your have the power in your mind to overcome anything life can throw at you," Wizigreuter explained.

"The realization of that can be a really liberating thing and a huge weight off of your shoulders. Everything is as real as you make it." That's some more good advice. We just hope he's not talking about that spooky-ass mannequin, because if that guy is real we're gonna GTFO of here.

Oh wait, "Higher" -- we just got why this video is so weird. Makes a lot more sense. Carry on.

+ Watch The Ready Set's "Higher" video.

Photo credit: Razor & Tie