AND She Can Cook? There’s Literally Nothing Selena Gomez Cannot Do Except Possess Flaws

 Meet Selena Gomez, master chef!

Let’s get this straight: Selena Gomez can sing, act, dancesmize like a cover model, make our hearts swirl in three-thousand directions with nothing but a grin, AND SHE CAN COOK?! Does anybody have a good recipe for bitter soup? We suddenly have a huge hankering for it.

This Instagram video of Sel making a meal with her friends proves that the “Slow Down” singer is truly the total package and then some. (As if we needed MORE proof.) Honestly, this clip is totally TV-worthy, so Food Network better be paying attention.

Oh, and lest you think that Selena’s just boiling some noodles and calling it “cooking” (that would be me), she captioned the video: “Cocinando mi primer plato Dominicano #Esposa -learned how to cook my first Dominican meal”. Your faves could never! Unless they happen to be Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, or Rachel Ray…

+ Watch Selena Gomez cook up a feast.

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