Our 'Justin Bieber On A Horse' Dreams Have Come True

Check out this photo of Justin Bieber on a horse.

Oh, you're on a boat? Cute. Justin Bieber's ON A HORSE.

So, it looks like Justin Bieber kinda, sorta, maybe had the most epic Monday ever, right? Let's see, he played mini-golf, casually kicked it at the skate park with Steve-O, Stanned for Alanis Morissette because WHO DOESN'T, and more.

Our favorite of JB's kickback activities, though? Full-on, unadulterated horseback riding. Like, we have DEFINITELY had this dream before -- only, instead of a white mare, the "You Want Me" singer was perched atop a pink unicorn-pegasus hybrid. What? We never claimed to be anything other than an '80s princess at heart.

Speaking of throwback memories, Justin captioned the Instagram photo: "Is that young Indiana Jones. #skintightpants #igottachill." To answer your questions, in order: no, YAAAS, and never.

Oooooh, we hope that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg count themselves among Justin's followers. Maybe they've got another "Indiana Jones" sequel in the works? Our guy could TOTALLY play Indy's young cohort. Lord knows that Shia "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" Labeouf probably wouldn't mind...

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram

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