Britney Spears Shares Mother’s Day Photos From The Throwback Vault-ney

Mother of Godney! We live.

Ah, Mother’s Day — the one time of year when even the brattiest, eye-rolling-est person you know transforms their social-media profiles into shrines dedicated to their mama. While we kinda, sorta got a little overwhelmed by all the mom love on Sunday TBQH, there’s one person whose maternal adoration we never got tired of: Britney Spears.

The “Someday (I Will Understand)” singer — who just inked a deal to extend her Las Vegas residency¬†another two years because #BGirlAintLostTheBeat — Instagrammed a set of adorable, throwback photos with her mother/published author/life-giver of life-givers, Lynne Spears.

“To the woman who taught me everything I know about being a mom,” Brit captioned the first picture. “Happy Mother’s Day mom!” Well, THAT definitely puts the punch bowl of Cheerios I carried to my mother’s bedside in second grade to shame.

From the bottom of our squealing hearts, you guys.

Reaching even further back into the “Mom & Me” vault-ney, Britney posted another photo from what looks like the tail end of the …Baby One More Time era. Although there’s no caption, we’re definitely feeling all the major, caps-locked, million-exclamation-point “ILY MOMMMM XOXO!!!!!!!!!!” love. So cute!

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Photo credit: Britney Spears’ Instagram

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