Lonely? Man Overboard's New 'Wide Awake' Video Might Help

Watch Man Overboard's "Distance" video.

Watch Man Overboard's emotional new clip.

We're starting to notice a pattern here when it comes to Man Overboard videos. This past March's "How To Hide Your Feelings" saw two young people cracking under the strain of the distance between them, despite their allegiance to obsolete technology and retro cars. The New Jersey band's latest clip, "Wide Awake," finds, well, a couple of young people separated by distance and... You get the idea.

But, man, that's a pretty bottomless well of information to draw from, especially when you write songs as wistful and emotional as the pop-punk upstarts have on their 2013 Rise Records release, Heart Attack.

"Wide Awake" opens on a girl having trouble with her old television, which is airing a clip Man Overboard that keeps fading in and out. Cut to the band, and they're actually playing in her bedroom! Awesome and all, but who's cleaning up after the show?

"I need to be with you alone in my arms/ I am dying here," the guys sing in gang harmony, which, we have to imagine, makes for a pretty killer sing-along when they play live. "This distance is real/ You're dying to feel," Nik Bruzzese sings.

The object of his affection takes her TV to a kindly, old repair man, who tries to fix it. "What is this pop-punk B.S.?" he seems to be saying, and she's all: "YOU DON'T GET IT. NO ONE GETS IT." Well, no one except Man Overboard, that is.

"Family problems don't go away just because your band does," Bruzzese told us. "You hope that you're not out of sight, out of mind with your loved one. The video gives hope that no matter the distance or time spent away, you are always with them somehow."

Especially if you hide in the back seat of their car while they're running errands.

+ Watch Man Overboard's "Wide Awake" video.

Photo credit: Rise Records