Hands Like Houses' 'A Tale Of Outer Suburbia' Video Proves Moms Can Rock, Too

Listen to Hands Like Houses' new song "A Tale Of Outer Suburbia."

Watch Hands Like Houses' new "A Tale of Outer Suburbia" video.

The idea that everything isn't always as it seems in suburbia is a familiar trope in film and literature, where mild-mannered, seemingly upstanding family members stress under the pressures of monotony. Australia's Hands Like Houses build from that idea in their new video for "A Tale Of Outer Suburbia," a track off of their recent Rise Records release, Unimagine.

The Josh Aylett-directed clip features a housewife unleashing her inner rock star, and it's a blast to watch the actress pull off the type of moves you might expect to see from a band like Hands Like Houses whip out onstage. She even sings along throughout, which gives the video a slightly off-kilter feel, as well.

Unfolding over a dramatically frantic, metal-core expanse, the song's lyrics suggest a darker reading. "Is our skin to keep the world out or our bodies in?" the song asks. "This doesn't look like home; this doesn't look like home."

That second part is probably what the woman's children are thinking when they show up halfway through, what with the washing machine spewing suds like it's set on foam-party mode and all.

"We have been waiting quite a while to be able to work on a clip with Josh,"  guitarist Matthew Cooper said of the video's director. "He's an amazing director that we grew up with in Australia and someone that we knew we could create something a little outside of the box with."

"It’s not about being weird for the sake of being weird, but endeavoring to create something that stimulates thought and discussion," keyboard player Jamal Sabet told us. "Some people watch the video in silence, some find it hysterical, some find it painfully awkward, and some people honestly don’t know how to feel.

"It's been interesting to release something that has had such a broad spectrum of responses. If it has triggered any sort of thought, then we have been successful in what we set out to do. A video doesn't always have to complement the music, and we loved the idea of the song being a platform for something more."

At the very least, Hands Like Houses have planted the seeds of hosting an at-home foam party in our brains the next time we're bored doing chores. We'd say that definitely qualifies as "something more."

+ Watch Hands Like Houses' "A Tale Of Outer Suburbia." 


Photo credit: Rise Records