Justin Bieber & Madison Beer’s Selfie Sesh: Why Weren’t We Invited?!

Cute! Justin’s taken Madison under his Bieber-y wing.

Hey, Beliebers, stop fooling around with MTV’s Justin Bieber Tattoo Map for a hot sec, and join us over here. C’mon, we’ve gotta band together and give Justin Bieber and Madison Beer the coldest of cold shoulders for not inviting us to hang out with them and take selfies for Instagram — AGAIN. Ready? DEPLOY COLD SHOULDERS!

Ugh, sorry. That GIF of Queen Jade rejecting an unworthy piña colada is too harsh. We have a tendency to make everything about us, in case you haven’t noticed.

We just wish feel like the “We Were Born For This” crooner and his young protegée could have used a third head in there. C’mon, guys, we could have done the see no/hear no/speak no evil thing together! #instagold

Anyway, whaddya think Justin and the “Melodies” singer were doing in this picture? Maybe they were laying down a collaboration? Swapping pedicure tips? Arranging another secret studio rendez-vous with Selena Gomez? (#Allegedly) Whatever the case, we’re totally into JB and Madison’s big bro/li’l sis relationship. Why, it’s just…


Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram / GIF: Reality TV Games, ONTD