Feel Like Crying Forever? Watch How To Dress Well's 'Repeat Pleasure' Video

Watch How To Dress Well's new video for "Repeat Pleasure."

Your feelings have been warned.

How To Dress Well's "Repeat Pleasure" was already emotionally moving enough on its own when we listened to it last month. But, coupled with this new video? That's just pushing us over the edge.

The song, taken from "What Is This Heart?" (out Jun. 24), pulls all of the lilting, wistful, R&B notes out of Tom Krell's bag of heartstrings-tugging tricks, along with reverb-heavy guitar leads, hand-clap percussion, and gorgeous falsetto crooning.

While the track works perfectly well as a song about lost love -- "Even broken my heart will go on," he sings -- the clip recasts the central drama around a young man and his love for his ailing grandfather.

Directed by Johannes Greve Muskat, the video is actually the first of three.  "The trilogy of videos is about what happens when people take a risk," Krell, who plays a couple of roles in the clip, explains. "When people try to live and die right."

Jumping back and forth in time, we follow a convenience-store employee who's pulled out of a burgeoning love affair to learn that his grandfather is on his death bed.

While we don't want to spoil what happens, there's an emotional reveal toward the end that will swell the heart of anyone who's ever had to deal with a loved one's passing. "I never wanna miss a moment of life," Krell sings. Even the ones at the end.

+ Watch How To Dress Well's "Repeat Pleasure" video.

Photo credit: Domino Recording Co Ltd