‘Rage The Night Away’ With Steve Aoki & Waka Flocka Flame’s New Video

Think you’re ready to “Rage The Night Away”?

You know that scene in “The Matrix” where Morpheus offers Neo either the harsh red pill of reality or the blissful blue pill of ignorance? DEEP STUFF, we know. Well, Steve Aoki’s new “Rage The Night Away” video featuring Waka Flocka Flame is all about downing that red pill, while secretly stashing that blue-pill escape route for when sh** gets too real.

OK, end of “Matrix” references. The Gille Klabin-directed clip for the Neon Future I (out Aug. 12) track shows Steve taking one curious night-clubber (who wouldn’t look at all out of place in “The Fifth Element”) down the EDM rabbit hole into a plane that defies all space and time. Let’s call it the Untze-Untze Dimension.

As Waka Flocka repeats “Rage, rage the night away/ Forget about the money I’ll spend today” with increasing intensity, the beat slowly builds. When it drops, everything just explodes in a technicolor supernova, and the intensity starts to be too much for our heroine.

Will our 21st-century Alice ever make her way out of Club Wonderland? Watch the video below to see. If you’re really brave, you could find out firsthand at Steve’s Aug. 16 show at Madison Square Garden. If things get too nuts, just remember that there is no spoon.

+ Watch Steve Aoki’s “Rage The Night Away” video featuring Waka Flocka Flame at SteveAoki.mtv.com.

Photo credit: Ultra Music

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