Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Hear Our Prayers, Pose For Family Portrait

Check out this mirror selfie of Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney, and Asia the dog on the ARTPOP tour.

Sears Portrait Studio, who?

Even though Lady Gaga and her man Taylor Kinney have been dating since 2011, photos of the two of 'em together are more elusive than Mariah Carey during hide-and-seek. That's why we're open-mouthed, silent-screaming at this mirror selfie that the "G.U.Y." singer posted on Instagram, which shows one of the cutest couples of pop with their new dog, Asia.

It looks like the three are backstage at Atlanta's Philips Arena, where Gaga played her second artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour show on Tuesday night. Hmmm, the 28-year-old singer did mention offhand that Asia was watching on the first night of the tour in Fort Lauderdale, but we thought she was kidding. Then again, we guess batpigs would be nocturnal...

Anyway, after reading the caption ("Gypsy life"), we can't help but think of the ARTPOP track's lyrics: "I don't wanna be alone forever/ But I won't be tonight." Cute! That's almost heart-warming enough to distract us from THE RING ON TAYLOR'S RING FINGER.

After some deep investigative reporting (i.e., taking a couple mirror selfies and comparing reflections and angles), it appears that the band is on Tay-Tay's RIGHT hand, whereas wedding rings traditionally reside on your left. Besides, if there were a ceremony, we'd definitely be invited, and our mailbox has literally been a woven blanket of cobwebs for weeks. #delusional

Photo credit: Lady Gaga's Instagram