Kimbra's ''90s Music' Is A Demented Banger, AOL Dial Tone & All

Listen to Kimbra's new song, "'90s Music."

Kimbra is squealing back into your speakers.

Remember Kimbra? You might even say she's -- wait for it -- somebody that you used to know. Ringing a bell yet? There you go!

The quirk-pop Kiwi first exploded into the public's consciousness back in 2011 with her feature on Gotye's entirely inescapable radio smash, "Somebody That I Used To Know." Three years later, the singer's returned with a whole new sound -- actually, more like a million sounds.

"'90s Music" is a huge, experimental leap for the songstress. Backed by some solid guitar-shredding courtesy of Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, the singer coos her way across chopped-up, throwback, R&B-rock textures and a shrill, grinding beat that sort of sounds like the screechiest part of a dial-up modem's tone. (Bringing back some pleasant '90s memories, right?)

But, Kimbra doesn't seem too bothered by the aural assault, though: "Everyday be listening to '90s music," she merrily sings along with her crew, later name-dropping R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and TLC while doing so.

"It's an exciting and playful introduction to the record," Kimbra revealed in an interview with New Zealand's George FM just after the song's radio premiere. She also shared that she recorded the entire album over the past year on a farm just outside of Hollywood. The more you know!

It's a fairly demented production -- think M.I.A.'s more experimental moments with some Sleigh Bells thrown in -- but it's totally worth a listen, if only for the '90s nostalgia. Also worth doing? Flying us down under to catch Kimbra and Janelle Monáe's Golden Electric Tour later this month. C'mon!

+ Listen to Kimbra's "'90s Music."

Photo credit: WMG