Watch Semi Precious Weapons' 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Aviation High'

Watch Semi Precious Weapons perform "Aviation High" acoustic on "MTV Buzzworthy Live."

Semi Precious Weapons strip down "Aviation High" for one intimate live performance.

Did somebody wake up on the precious side of the bed this morning? No? Not even the semi-precious side? Well, here, this acoustic performance of "Aviation High" that Semi Precious Weapons recorded for "Buzzworthy Live" should fix that for you -- at least until you get a better bed.

Whereas the original track from the New York band's recently released third studio album, Aviation, kept pace with a pulsing, metronomic beat, this stripped rendition slows things down a bit, allowing Stevy Pyne's guitar strings, Dan Crean's drumming, and Cole Whittle's keys to build insane levels of tension as lead singer Justin Tranter's vocal honey drips out.

In other words, the chills -- you're going to feel them.

"It's one of those magical songs that wrote itself in an hour," Tranter revealed to us during his visit to MTV HQ. "Everything fell into place with the music and the lyrics. At that point in my life, I was just so in love and so in lust that every time the person was around I felt high."

Hmmm, it's probably pretty similar to the high we get while listening to his transcendent vocal leaps, which seriously pull off some Rihanna-in-"Diamonds"-level feats of flawlessness. Shine bright, perfect BBs!

+ Watch Semi Precious Weapons perform "Aviation High" acoustic on "Buzzworthy Live."

Photo credit: MTV