Starting To Think Austin Mahone Just Doesn't Own A Shirt

Does Austin Mahone own a shirt? This shirtless photo from an Omegle fan chat says no.

Hey, Austin, you've been shirtless a lot lately, huh.

Have you checked out Austin Mahone's Instagram lately? There's a new photo that the "MMM Yeah" singer took of himself hanging with a Mahomie on web-chat service Omegle. Oh yeah, and he's shirtless. Sorry for almost letting that slip, but it's kinda like saying "He's breathing oxygen" or "He continues to have a face" at this point, you know?

Like, let's take a look back at Austin's most recent 'grams. Here he is drumming up iHeartRadio Music Awards votes, shirtless. And look, here he is playing a flying superhero, also shirtless. Could be a wind-resistance thing, though? Unclear.

Let's not forget about that time Austin posed shirtless in the rain, a moment we may or may not have had printed onto a sheet of edible icing because our thirst is so real that it's plummeted straight down to hunger. Wait, you can actually forget we said that last part...

Anyway, if this is some kind of cry for help, buddy, don't worry. We'll give you all the shirts you need. The only catch is that they're all crop tops.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram

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