Beyonce Snuggling This Chimp & Lion Cub Meets Your Daily Adorbz Quota

Check out this photo of Beyonce snuggling a chimp and a lion cub at Blue Ivy's 2nd birthday party in Miami!

We are all that blissed-out lion cub in Beyoncé's arms.

If a Rottweiler puppy with the hiccups trots up to you holding a daisy in his mouth today, then feel free to give him some "Clueless"-style "WHAT-EV-ER" fingers. Why? Because this photo of Beyoncé snuggling with a lion cub and a chimp has definitely maxed out your adorbz quota for the day.

Full disclosure, this picture is actually from January -- it was taken during Blue Ivy's second birthday party at Miami's Jungle Island. But, the "Pretty Hurts" singer just posted it on Instagram this past Sunday, so that's all the reason we need to absolutely lose ourselves in its cuteness.

Speaking of losing oneself, can we, like, talk about the expression on the lion cub's face? The glassy-eyed stare! It's furry little body going completely limp in Bey's arms! That's LITERALLY how any of us would react to being embraced By Our Lady Of Grainin' On That Wood, right? Right??

All who disagree can expect a visit from the Beygency.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram