Watch Emily King's Bizarrely Stunning, Weirdly Soothing 'Distance' Video

Watch Emily King's new video for "Distance."

Emily King's lush new visual is intriguing, to say the least.

When 28-year-old, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Emily King released "Distance" at the end of January, we freaked. On her first effort since 2011's The Seven EP, King's lush, gorgeous vocals float atop a mellow '70s groove, creating an authentic blend of R&B-folk. Now, coupled with a stunning new video, we’ve fallen for King all over again.

Directed by Paul Jung, the clip features vibrant colors and a split-screen effect that pair perfectly with King's dark, yet hopeful, crooning: "Oh, love is always better/ When we take time to get back to who we are when we are apart/ Distance makes the heart grow."

Much like King's music, the video remains elegant and refined throughout. There's an attention to detail like something out of a Wes Anderson film, and we actually wouldn't mind obsessively poring over "Distance" frame by frame by frame. Anyone want to hook us up with the reel?

A comforting visual to a heavy song, the clip's a reminder that hey, things are going to be okay. If King’s singing it, then we believe it.

If this is any sign of what’s to come from the New York native, then color us excited. Really, really excited. Having originally signed with big-timer Clive Davis, King has since been quiet for some time now, but she's scheduled to drop some new material later this year. Our ears are open. Wide, wide open.

+ Watch Emily King's "Distance" video, and grab a free download of "Distance" on Emily King's SoundCloud.

Photo credit: Emily King