Luke Bryan & Blake Shelton Reacting To Rihanna & Ariana Grande Won The iHeartRadio Awards

rihanna, luke bryan

Tumblr owes these two, BIG TIME.

There were tons of bigger-than-big moments at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night -- Kendrick Lamar's Tupac cover and Usher's Michael Jackson reveal, HELLO -- but we've gotta tip our Pharrell Williams-sized hat to Rihanna and Luke Bryan's reaction shots from the audience.

Disclaimer: Even though both of these cutaways were captured during Ariana Grande's Iggy Azalea-less performance of "Problem," we honestly don't think that Rih and the "That's My Kind Of Night" singer were being shady to our flawless bb angel. See this giggling?

Pretty sure Rihanna and Luke Bryan win Best iHeartRadio Music Awards Reaction.

Before you jump to conclusions, look at that bottle of wine. Could it be that the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer suddenly got a case of the can't-stop church-giggles brought on by a bottle of Pinot? Besides, an audience shot moments prior showed Rihanna totally bopping along to Ariana's set.

Then, we've got Luke Bryan and his countryman-in-arms, Blake Shelton.

Pretty sure Rihanna and Luke Bryan win Best iHeartRadio Music Awards Reaction.

Not to fall back on cowboy stereotypes drawn entirely on Woody from "Toy Story," but maybe Luke's just got a snake in his boot? Or, maybe he's trying to decide if wonuts are real or an elaborate viral hoax?

In any case, we think it's highly unlikely that ANYONE would have anything negative to say about Rihanna's outfit, because while she was clearly having a Matrix-meets-"The Craft," moment, she was totally owning every inch of that fabric -- and all of those inches of fabric that didn't exist. Nor could one throw an iota of shade at Ariana Grande's performance. Those high notes! That throwback, "Sweet Charity"-inspired choreo! WHO COULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT.

+ Watch Ariana Grande perform "Problem" at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images, NBC / GIFs: ialmostdo's Tumblr, Us Weekly's Tumblr