'Member When Austin Mahone Melted Our Hearts With 'Say Somethin'' Acoustic?

Watch Austin Mahone perform "Say Somethin'" acoustic for MTV Buzzworthy Live.

Look at this little guy!!!!

Ahhhh, the year 2012! It feels like it was only 486 days ago that Beyoncé blessed this unworthy planet with a successor and Britney Spears got to work (bitch) as a judge on "The X Factor." Yet through it all, McKayla Maroney was not impressed. Maybe she just never watched Austin Mahone perform "Say Somethin'" on "Buzzworthy Live"?

Trading in the electric pulse of the original for an acoustic sound, Austin pleads his case to one very lucky lady using only his voice and his guitar. (Oh, and his face, obviously.) It lends the song a way more intimate feel, like the "MMM Yeah" singer's making some kind of grand, romantic, one-on-one gesture à la "Say Anything."

Oh my god, now we can't stop picturing him serenading us beneath our window. Wait, he'd probably be more likely to do that for Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, though... Well, we guess Austin being single is another reason to look back at 2012 fondly. #pout

Then again, we wouldn't have all those shirtless photos of Austin's ridiculously sculpted upper body on display, or have the chance to unlock this "special song" of his that MTV just tweeted about.

UGH, this is a tough call. Can't we just semi-rewind back to 2013 and split the difference? C'mon!

+ Watch Austin Mahone perform "Say Somethin'" on "Buzzworthy Live."

Photo credit: MTV