Actual Mermaid Jhene Aiko Slays Sexy In GQ, Dominates Easter Bunny Twerk Game

Check out Jhene Aiko's topless GQ photo spread and interview where she talks about men, weed, and more.

Casually looking like an ocean goddess? That'd be Jhené Aiko.

Much like eating a Reese's in the '90s, there's literally no wrong way for Jhené Aiko to do anything ever.

Case in point: Her profile and photo spread in the May 2014 issue of GQ, which sees the "Bed Peace" singer casually strutting around topless on the beach like that scene in "The Little Mermaid" where Ariel uses her newly brokered legs for the first time. Only, like, she got a zip-up, camo bolero out of the deal, too.

IDK about you, but we're really relieved right now that we don't currently hold the title for Greatest Act of Side-Boob Ever. With this nearly topless visual on the sands, Jhené's definitely a contender. Still, something tells us that our current Queen of Side-Boob, Nicki Minaj, won't be relinquishing her crown anytime soon...

Just like Jhené won't be relinquishing her ability to twerk like an adorable little Easter bunny, as evidenced by the Instagram video she posted that featured her doing just that.

In case you're not already obsessed with Jhené, read the accompanying mini-interview with GQ. Along with talking men and weed GOING TO CHURCH ON SUNDAYS, the MTV Artist To Watch hints at what we can expect from her highly anticipated debut LP, Souled Out, which drops later this year. Namely: "There's no f***ing around with this album."

Brace slay-receptors for maximum impact.

Photo credit: Silja Magg/GQ