Lady Gaga’s Dog Flies Private Plane, Inspires Untold Envy Within Us

Here’s Gaga’s dog, Asia, looking down at her kingdom from above.

Oh, cute! According to Lady Gaga’s Instagram, the “G.U.Y.” singer’s new puppy, Asia — aka BATPIG — just took her first flight. One video’s caption (“Private plane like Asiagaga, sip champagne like Asiagaga”) makes it clear that Asia does NOT fly commercial, as if there was any doubt.

Meanwhile, we ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS have yet to have our flawless P.J. moment. (That’s private jet, FYI.) Ugh, if you thought it was pathetic when we were legitimately jealous of a toddler (see Blue Ivy’s vacation photos with mother BeyoncĂ©), then you might wanna shield your eyes from our unabashed puppy envy.

Ahem. Gaga’s Twitter has confirmed that the two were flying over to Fort Lauderdale, FL, where the first night of “artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour” is set to kick off on May 4.

We’re sure Her Royal Batpigliness will have some kind of elaborate puppy throne set up in the front row, on which she’ll be served NOTHING but the FINEST, hand-ground meat treats and chew toys carved from, like, UNICORN HORNS and — sorry. We swear that we’re working on these jealousy issues.

+ Watch Lady Gaga’s dog be the cutest batpig ever during the flight.

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