Get Crazy In Love With Candy Hearts' Power-Pop 'I Miss You' Video

Watch Candy Hearts' "I Miss You" video.

Candy Hearts put the bittersweet heartbreak aside in their new clip.

When we first fell in like -- OK, like-like -- with Candy Hearts, it was around Valentine's Day last year, and frontwoman Mariel Loveland was singing about the perils of falling for someone who you know just isn't worth your time on their track, "Bad Idea." With the trio's new video for "I Miss You," it seems like things are going a little bit better for her on the romance front.

"Forever doesn't seem so awful with you," she sings in the clip, which cuts back and forth between some epic bed-lounging and shots of the band record-shopping, taking in the city at night, and generally having a blast.

Don't worry, though, because there's still plenty of bittersweet heartbreak throughout All The Ways You Let Me Down, out Jun. 10 on Bridge Nine and Violently Happy Records. "This album really spans the whole spectrum of a relationship," Loveland says, "from being single and looking for somebody, to finding someone and then breaking up."

The '90s-evoking, crunchy-sweet piece of power-pop is a good introduction to the band's style. "It definitely has a more alternative and pop vibe than our last EP," Loveland said, referring to 2012's The Best Ways To Disappear. "It feels like Taylor Swift meets The Breeders, and that's something we were always going for. It's a lot less pop-punk; it's just like a straight-up pop-rock record."

It's funny that Loveland sings "I wanna spend forever hanging out with you" in "I Miss You," because that's exactly how we're starting to feel about Candy Hearts. Our like-like might have just turned into like-love.

+ Watch Candy Hearts' "I Miss You" video.

Photo credit: Bridge Nine Records