Dancers Take Flight In Hercules & Love Affair's Emotional 'I Try To Talk To You' Video

Watch Hercules & Love Affair's new video for "I Try To Talk To You" featuring John Grant.

Drama, dancing... Then more dancing.

DJ Andy Butler's ever-expanding dance collective, Hercules & Love Affair, has always been good at providing us with a solid thumper over the years. But with the video for "I Try To Talk To You," they're going WAY deeper on the dance floor.

Coming to us from The Feast Of The Broken Heart (out May 26), the troupe's latest single features singer-songwriter John Grant, who not only supplies his haunting vocals to the piano-led tune, but contributes some deeply revelatory lyrics to boot. The track is based on John's own story of becoming HIV positive, yet, despite the heavy subject matter, "I Try To Talk To You" shines as a poetic, delicately throbbing tale.

Thankfully, the song comes equipped with an equally artistic clip directed by David Wilson that centers on two dancers -- presumably in a relationship. Together, they pull shapes with one another, alternating between frustration, despair, and affection.

As the song goes on, the interpretive footwork only grows more and more impressive, as the two toss one another around the artfully lit home and go flying up the walls (all while the camera dizzily spins us around) in a way that might even bring "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to mind. SERIOUSLY impressive!

Much like in P!nk's still unbelievably amazing "Try" video, sometimes the story is best told through movement.

+ Watch Hercules & Love Affair's "I Try To Talk To You" video featuring John Grant.

Photo credit: SSENSE/System Magazine