Austin Mahone Flips, Strips Shirtless For Votes Because Democracy

Now that’s the face of a winner.

Remember how youth-voter turnout clocked in at just under 50 percent during the 2012 election? Well, if the candidates had taken off their shirts, flipped for our love, and showcased some entry-level parkour like Austin Mahone has on Instagram, then maybe the percent of eligible young people who voted would’ve been better. JUST SAYIN’.

You see, Austin’s on a mission to win the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards’ inaugural Instagram Award, and he’s gonna do whatever he must in order to get out the Mahomie vote. That go-get-’em attitude is probably what convinced Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello to go out on a real date-date with the “MMM Yeah” singer — you know, in case that face, bod, and voice didn’t do the trick.

Austin’s gonna get out the vote, whether that means flexing his flawlessly sculpted body…

…or doing a one-handed flip and sticking the landing.

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