5 Seconds Of Summer Continue 'Don't Stop'-Teasing Onslaught

Listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer's 2 new "Don't Stop" teasers on Instagram.

Your cute faces kinda make up for this slight, 5SOS.

We just, like, don't get it. Can 5 Seconds Of Summer not hear us weeping tears of salty tragedy? (To be fair, our cries of agony are probably muffled by the 5SOS hoodie we're currently hyperventilating into.) Like, how can they drop two more "Don't Stop" teasers without any definitive release date in the U.S.?!

To recap: The guys have been previewing the Don't Stop EP's title track on Instagram to promote the four-track set's pre-order. The only problem, is that said pre-order is only available in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and South America. That is to say, WH'ABOUT US?!?!?!

Well, in the spirit of NAFTA solidarity, let us join our Mexican and Canadian brethren in listening to these two new "Don't Stop" teasers -- one featuring Luke's isolated vocals and the other Mikey's -- while we wait for some North American release updates. (Still, "soon." #womp) Feel free to harmonize with your weeping. You know we already are.

+ Listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s “Don’t Stop” teaser with Luke’s vocals, and check out 5SOS’ “Don’t Stop” teaser with Mikey’s vocals.

Photo credit: 5SOS' Instagram