Rihanna's 'Next Magazine Cover' Is NOT What We Expected...

Check out this demure photoshop Rihanna posted on Instagram of her "next magazine cover."

Is anyone else's grasp on reality crumbling right now?!?!

While we were checking out our Instagram feed this morning, we almost had a heart attack when we passed one of Rihanna's newest photos. Maybe we were just scrolling too fast, but all we saw were the words "Rih's next magazine cover" and this image of the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer styled all demurely.

Like, with all due respect to Sears Portrait Studio Monthly, or whichever mag would host this image on its cover, but we absolutely CANNOT imagine living in a world where Rihanna's living for the church-lady lewk.

The perfectly in-place hair! The pearl earrings! The lightly curled fingers resting softly under the chin! We can literally taste the sensible, low-heel pumps, you guys. SOMEBODY WAKE US UP FROM THIS TER-RIH-FYING NIGHTMARE PLZ.

Thankfully, our reading comprehension kicked in, and after perusing the full caption on the picture ("Rih's next magazine cover if it was up to Instagram"), we realized that this is clearly a reference to how Instagram kept deleting Rihanna's NSFW topless, tan line-filled Lui magazine photos yesterday. Oh, Rih, keep on trollin'!

Photo credit: @Kaillygram via Rihanna's Instagram