5 Seconds Of Summer Tease 'Don't Stop,' To Which We Say 'Don't Stop'

Listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer's new "Don't Stop" song teasers.

5SOS literally toy with our emotions, and we demand MOAR.

Because life is unfair, it's already Apr. 30 in New Zealand and Australia, which means that their citizens are not only literally living in the future, but they can now pre-order 5 Seconds Of Summer's Don't Stop. You know, the guys' follow-up EP to She Looks So Perfect that includes new songs "Rejects" and "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and WON'T be released in North America?

We guess Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, instant-runoff voting, the Shire, the better of the two "Rescuers" movies, and koalas weren't enough. Oceania just HAD to call fives on 5SOS' new material. Well, HOW NICE FOR THEM.

At least we've got these two Instagram teasers for the EP's title track to tide us over. We don't get much, but snippets like "Everybody wants to take you home tonight/ But I'm gonna find a way to make you mine" go a long way for our obsessed hearts.

Although the clips only feature Calum and Ash's isolated vocals, anyone who's seen the group live can tell you that "Don't Stop" is one of the most upbeat songs in their repertoire. Think somewhere between "She Looks So Perfect" and that "What I Like About You" cover. No, but like think about it.

Well, we know what we'll be playing on repeat until 5SOS decide to bless our TBH pretty great hemisphere with some new music. Speaking of which, ANYTIME, U GUISE. Oh, "soon" you say? Cool.

+ Listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer's "Don't Stop" teaser with Ash's vocals, and check out 5SOS' "Don't Stop" teaser with Calum's vocals.

Photo credit: Capitol