Indie Songwriter Kina Grannis Takes Us Away With Dreamy ‘Oh Father’

Soldier on, Kina.

Indie songbird Kina Grannis — who you might recognize from her immensely popular, cover-filled YouTube channel, what with its casual 100+-million views and all — has been slowly remolding her sound since 2010’s Stairwells, not to mention her hairstyle. So Tegan & Sara-chic, bb!

Now, ahead of the release of upcoming album Elements (out May 6), Grannis has debuted a brand-new song off of the LP: “Oh Father,” a gorgeously sung, guitar-led journey that floats somewhere in the land of fellow dreamy singer-songwriters like Feist and Natalie Walker.

“We are the ones, we’re flying through the trees, oh father/ Watch me somehow, lay safety over me,” Kina coos. The key to this kind of impeccable songwriting savvy? It’s, um, all about discovering dinosaurs.

Wait, WHAT?!

Yep! A solid archaeological metaphor holds the key: “Sometimes you only find a head,” Grannis revealed to Refinery29, “… no matter how hard you try you can’t find its body, the song will forever be a tiny unfinished part… [But], sometimes, as was the case with ’Oh Father,’ you find a Stegosaurus head and a T. Rex body.”

Well! Thanks to Kina, you now know what to do the next time you hit a creative slump: Just go dig around in the dirt for a li’l bit. Something tells us that Kina’s just as excited as we are about that new “Jurassic World” reboot…

+ Listen to Kina Grannis’ “Oh Father.”

Photo credit: Stunt Company

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