BRB, Disappearing Into Niall Horan’s Spin-Class Selfie Forever

Just focus on the mirror behind Niall..

When we first saw Niall Horan’s spin-class selfie on Instagram, we were like: “Oh. Exercise. Um, moving on.” Then our eyes happened to glance at the mirror behind theĀ One Direction member’s stationary bike, and we suddenly perked up.

UNINTENTIONAL BUTT SHOT, U GUISE!!!! We’re glad that the “You & I” singer is so committed to fitness. He’ll need that stamina for the “Where We Are Tour,” which kicks off tonight and… Uh, what were we saying? Right, that tush!

But, c’mon. We really shouldn’t objectify Niall’s adorable, taut heinie. Because hellew, he’s got some pretty nice arms we’d love to squeeze, too. Do you think Niall boxes? Mmmmmm, Niall boxing…

Photo credit: Niall Horan’s Instagram / GIF: GifSoup, Key Smash Blog

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