Cher Lloyd Forges An Unbreakable Bond On 'Bind Your Love'

Listen to Cher Lloyd's new song, "Bind Your Love," off of "Sorry I'm Late."

Bind our love? Anytime, Cher!

So far on Sorry I'm Late, we've seen Cher Lloyd bring all the feels to yard with "Sirens," get down with cavemen and wild boys on "Dirty Love," and swing the pendulum back to vulnerable again on "Human." With "Bind Your Love," her latest track that just premiered, it looks like she's found a happy medium on the emotional spectrum.

Swaying along like Rihanna's "What's My Name?", the mid-tempo number sees the "Neon Lights Tour" performer professing a very #2become1 kinda love: "And when you're lonely, I will find a way to/ guide you home to me, I'll come for you, come for you/ I will bind your love, bind your love to me."

It's all very magical, framing a relationship as some sort of an unbreakable, spiritual connection between two people -- or between an artist and their fans, right Brats? Much like Cher's Cranberries-esque vocal dips when she sings the word "open," we are totally here for it.

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Photo credit: Epic