Rita Ora's Dos & Don'ts: Pizza Cake, Surfboardts, Calvin Harris & More

Watch Rita Ora play MTV's "Rita Do Ora Don't."

Never one to let us down, Rita Ora's blessed us with her dos and don'ts.

Sure, we all know that Rita Ora's super-talented at dropping Whitney Houston-esque dance ballads like "I Will Never Let You Down," acting her ass off to score a role in the upcoming "50 Shades Of Grey" film adaptation, and, um, ripping off Zac Efron's shirt for the good of humanity. Triple-threat status over here!

But, did you know that the U.K. pop star is equally skilled at doling out advice? We sat down with her to play a game of "Rita Do Ora Don't" (#FlawlessWordplay), where she gave us her thoughts on everything from surfboards and surfboardts to pizza cake and boyfriend Calvin Harris' bod. No word yet on wonuts, but we can only assume that they're a total Rita Do.

Dear Abby, GTFO. There's a new advice-giver in town. BRB, scouring Etsy for a "W.W.R.O.D." bracelet -- that's "What would Rita Ora Do?" FYI. Wish us luck!

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Photo credit: Roc Nation