Neon Trees Pull Off A Supersized #FBF In 'First Things First' Video

Watch Neon Trees' new video for "First Things First."

Watch Neon Trees' throwback-heavy "First Things First" video!

Neon Trees may be touring the world and riding high off the recent release of their third album, Pop Psychology, but their latest video for "First Things First" reminds us that they were once just dorky, lonely kids -- like everyone else! Wait, if that didn't describe your adolescence, then get out. Anyway...

"It began when I was 21 years old/ And my mom and dad were begging me to go," Tyler Glenn sings in front of a screen that flashes old pictures of the band from their younger days, including some pretty questionable haircut choices. (Nice mohawk, dude!)

Chris Allen, Branden Campbell, and Elaine Bradley get their fair share of goofy Flashback Friday action too, with pictures of old shows and school basketball games. There are also some happier moments later on, like the band getting their big break opening for The Killers, having kids, and getting married.

"First Things First" is a bit more subdued than Neon Trees' usual high-octane pop-rock like "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)," but its thoughtful, mid-tempo soul-rock is a welcome change of pace. It wouldn't make much sense to blast through some jam at full speed while you're looking back on the past, right?

Wait a sec... Glenn sings about how we're never going to get everything we want in this world, but it sort of seems like, um, the exact opposite has happened for the group? Thanks for rubbing it in!

+ Watch Neon Trees' "First Things First" video.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam