Why You Absolutely NEED To Know U.K. Electronica Pioneer TOURIST

Listen to TOURIST's "Patterns" EP, and let the obsession flow through you.

Take a vacation to the dance floor with TOURIST.

Look! Over there! Can you see it? Yep, it's another promising artist glowing in the distance from across the pond. His name is TOURIST, and he's about to be HUGE. We want you to stay ahead of the curve, so go grab your headphones, 'cause it's time to get familiar.

The U.K. electronic artist (aka William Phillips) is making the same sort of nu-disco waves as Disclosure and Clean Bandit. And yeah, he's pretty FOINE, too, but back to the music. This week, the rising producer dropped his Patterns EP stateside. It's a five-track collection of smooth, electronic grooves, and we'd like to direct your attention to two songs in particular.

Now, "I Can't Keep Up" isn't exactly new. It came out about two months ago and has since racked up over one-million streams on SoundCloud, which makes it even more essential to listen to this one, like, IMMEDIATELY.

+ Listen to TOURIST's "I Can't Keep Up" featuring Will Heard.

The minimal tune takes a while to build, allowing us time to soak up Will Heard's emotional delivery before an INCREDIBLE, all-out dance-floor assault strikes at the end. "Show me love," he begs in falsetto. Robin S., is that you?!

Actually, those soulful chops remind us of another U.K.-crossover crush: Sam Smith! Will is BFFs with supermodel Cara Delevingne, and they made a sorta-viral cover of Heard's "Sonnentanz" with Klangkarussell.


"Patterns," the title track off of the EP, is also an essential listen.

+ Listen to TOURIST's "Patterns" featuring Lianne La Havas.

Guided by U.K. soul-folk songstress Lianne La Havas, the track manages to weave tripping future beats, '90s-House pulsations, Havas' Jessie Ware-esque powerhouse delivery, and a giant choir into one strangely intoxicating production. Honestly, it must be heard to be believed.

And, there you have it. The sound of the dance floor's future, courtesy of TOURIST.

Photo credit: Monday Records