10 Most Bizarre GIFs From Katy Perry’s Weird, Wild ‘Birthday’ Video

Well, that was unexpected! Instead going the glamorous route like in “Unconditionally” or the, um, whipped cream-weaponized babeliness of “California Gurls,” Katy Perry took her skills as an actress and comedian and really went for it headfirst in her new “Birthday” video.

How to describe it… Watching KP pretend-ruin five separate birthday parties as a clown, princess, stand-up comic, and more is kind of like watching “Punk’d,” but if Ashton Kutcher were replaced by Eddie Murphy in character as all six Klumps. Was that confusing? Maybe the Marc Klasfeld-directed clip is literally too much for words. Cue the GIFs!

+ Watch Katy Perry’s “Birthday” video.