Adventure Club's 'Wonder' Video: Take A Ride Through An EDM Winter Tragedy

Watch Adventure Club's new "Wonder" video.

Adventure Club shooting sweaty EDM straight through the frosty Canadian climate.

Adventure Club is the kind of group that you'd expect to hear at a poolside VIP party at some thermometer-busting summer festival (like Coachella, where they performed for 25,000 people), but the electronic act's "Wonder" video is something different.

Set against the snowy whiteness of a winter haze, the clip captures a grey-tinted town riddled with drama. Adventure Club's from Canada, not Cali, so it's not the most shocking setting in the world, but the video still manages to surprise us with a twist in the second act.

A young boy follows a biker crew to an ill-fated race -- and ends up pedaling into a scene he never expected.

With Kite String Tangle on guest vocals, "Wonder" is the most emotional song on Adventure Club's Calling All Heroes EP. Though the thumping music sparkles like a new Harley, the song's lyrical lament falls in line with the visual tragedy: "I know I should have held you closer/ I know I should've treated you better."

Regret! Speaking of which, it would be a mistake to miss the duo in action this year: AC's on a North American tour now, leading up to New Jersey's Electric Daisy Carnival in May and wrapping with summer events from Wakarusa to the Global Dance Festival.

+ Watch Adventure Club's "Wonder" video.

Photo credit: Cedric Sequerra