This Justin Bieber Photo’s Literally The Best Me Vs. You Meme Ever

Can we somehow trade lives with this lucky Belieber? Thx.

Justin Bieber, himself a protégé of perpetual panty-dropper Usher, is always on the hunt to discover new talent. (Hello, Madison Beer?) Apparently, he’s expanded beyond music and into the world of professional sports, if the caption on this Instagram photo of fans rushing him (“I might sign the girl in the white as a track and field star”) is any indication.

Oops, wait. We just remembered what, like, jokes are, and now we’re pretty much sure that the “Confident” singer was kidding. Oh, you know that? Whatever. Let’s put our momentary lapse in reading comprehension behind us and focus on what’s truly important here: the “Me vs. You” meme potential of this picture. You know the kind of viral visuals we’re talking about?

Exactly. Clearly, the loyal Belieber in white is our collective “ME,” and we’ll assign the “YOU” role to all of those unfortunate fans face-planting on the pavement. Nothing personal. Feel free to turns the tables on us at any time.

If we can’t bum-rush Justin’s vehicle and have a totally Michelangelo/Sistine Chapel moment with our man, then we can at least experience it vicariously through the power of basic Photoshop skills — emphasis on the “basic.”


Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram / GIFs: Rebloggy, Gaga Daily, Style Magazine

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