15 Girls Pharrell’s After In His ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Video

Who will be Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe?

“I just want a different girl,” Pharrell Williams croons on the refrain of “Marilyn Monroe,” his latest G I R L single that just got the video treatment earlier today. In the Luis Cervero-directed clip, we see the King of Oversize Haberdashery bouncing in and out of reality as he dips and weaves his way through a bunch of lady-crazy imagery.

But, with all the countless women featured in the video, which one will end up being Pharrell’s “different girl”? Could it be one of the “Flashdance”-styled ballerinas? The belle mademoiselle featured on his “Marilyn Monroe” single art? Kelly Osbourne? To help P make this difficult decision, we’ve narrowed his options down to our top 15 faves.

1.) The one who literally loves mimosas almost as much as she literally loves brunch.

2.) The one with the jellybeans. ALWAYS the one with the jellybeans.

3.) The one who’s seen “Center Stage” one too many times.

4.) The one who’s seen Madonna’sHung Up” video one too many times.

5.) The one who’s seen “Mannequin” one too many times.

6.) The one who’s seen “Mean Girls” one too many times.

7.) The one who dances in laundromats ’cause she’s SOYYYYY random and quiche.


9.) The one who conjures sexual metaphors using only phallic crystals and her extensive dance background.

10.) The one who gives good American Apparel model in the backseat.

11.) The one who’s casually slappin’ the bass on the moon.

12.) The one who’s literally Kelly Osbourne.

13.) The one who nailed her Miss America pageant group number choreography flawlessly.

14.) The one who BLARGHHH.

15.) The one who’s obsessed with P’s casual, on-the-bike booty-pop. So, ME.

+ Watch Pharrell Williams’ “Marilyn Monroe” video.

Photo credit: I Am Other/Columbia

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