Drake Lint-Rolling His Pants Courtside At The Raptors-Nets Game Is As Baller As It Gets


They see me rollin'. They hatin'.

While you were busy watching Paul Pierce and Demar DeRozen face off in the second game of the Nets-Raptors playoff series, I was busy watching Drake watching the game in some choice court-side seats whilst lint-rolling his pants. Like I needed ONE MORE REASON to love Aubrey. Now I gotta add "cares enough about lint to multitask courtside at the Raptors game" to my pro/con list of reasons to marry Drake (that list is free of cons, FYI).

Some might say Drake's 18 Grammy nominations or his No. 1 album debuts or 5 million albums sold or bagging Rihanna would qualify as his crowning achievements. But I actually think his ability to lint-roll, enjoy sports, and #takecare of his garments while simultaneously keeping his bank account flush and his giving-a-f*ck tank empty are Drake's most impressive accomplishments to date. Literally (okay, figuratively), Drake is rolling any f*cks you may give about the situation right off of his pant legs. Respect. Started from the bottom, now we... meticulous about removing lint from our pants. Worst behavior? More like BEST at taking care... of his garments. HYFR, I love this. I love this enough for the both of us.



Credit: NBA/ @BenGolliver