Avril Lavigne Goes J-Pop Princess In INSANE 'Hello Kitty' Video

Watch Avril Lavigne's new video for "Hello Kitty."

K-k-k-k-kawaii, Avril!

Okay, so you might love Hello Kitty, but Avril Lavigne, like, LOVES Hello Kitty.

The Canadian pop-rock princess' affection for the adorable Japanese cartoon character is so strong, in fact, that there's even a song on Avril Lavigne named after her. Now, the off-the-wall, dubstep-laden acid trip of an EDM banger is officially Avril's next single! And if you thought the track itself was insane, don't worry -- the "Hello Kitty" video matches it cray for cray.

Avril's found her way back to Japan in the brand-new clip, rocking a half-buzzed, Skrillex-lookin' 'do full of green, purple, and yellow highlights (Easter pastels!) and some baby-blue coke-bottle glasses, which we seriously doubt are prescription.

What's she doing there? Busting a move inside a sprawling candy shop with some backup-dancing BFFs, of course. Wait, DANCING? Yes. That's right. The "Nobody's Home" chanteuse herself, Ms. Avril Lavigne, is serving you CHOREOGRAPHY.

Avril's also clearly been studying up on on some recent J-Pop videos, because this all looks like a dizzying blend of the genre's most colorful characters of late -- Crayon Pop, Tommy February6, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu all come to mind.

Throw in a sushi-snack sesh (actually, everything looks VERY delicious in this video), a bit of runway-strutting down the streets, and some Polaroid snaps, and you've got the bubblegum explosion of candy-coated lollipop dreams that is Avril's "Hello Kitty" video.


+ Check out Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" video, and watch Avril Lavigne talk about how much she loves Hello Kitty.

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