Why The Side-Eye? Nicki Minaj Is Just Doing Some Push-Ups

All other push-ups officially declared irrelevant.

One minute Nicki Minaj is saying “hell no” to another “Super Bass” on The Pink Print, and the next she’s using her Instagram platform to promote physical fitness. Somewhere in the world, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and First Lady Michelle Obama have both spontaneously burst into salty tears of joy.

Wait, whaddya mean that this photo has literally nothing to do with health and exercise? Do you even lift read? The caption, that is: “Oh nothing. Just doing some push-ups.” That’s pretty smart of Nicki, building up that upper-body strength. All the more biceps and triceps to hold “Lookin’ Ass” assault weapons with!

Just think, pretty soon the “Other Woman” actress will be doing those leather-upholstered chaise lounge-ups on the tips of her Alexander McQueens! Related: GIMME.

Maybe she’ll even one day work her way up to one of Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s patented Sex Push-Ups™? Though, we hope that the LaGuardia graduate formerly known as Onika is careful about it, ’cause we’re pretty sure you need a spotter for that one.

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Photo credit: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram / GIF: MTV