Mya, Kylie Minogue, Grace Jones + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!"

This week's roundup features a special Record Store Day side dish from a U.K. pop princess, a Danish anti-drug club anthem, and some slinky electro-R&B from a card-carrying member of the Moulin Rouge.

Listen to MTV Buzzworthy's 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs, featuring tracks by Grace Jones, Mendoza, Kylie Minogue, Mya, and Sophia Black.

1.) Kylie Minogue, "Golden Boy"

After blessing our ears with enough glitter and diamond-encrusted dance-floor gems to last us for months with the recently released Kiss Me Once, pop icon Kylie Minogue is already giving us more, more, more: To celebrate Record Store Day, the disco diva unveiled a special 7" across the pond, which includes the LP bonus track, "Golden Boy."

Written with Mereki and Jerry James and co-produced by Sky Ferreira hitmakers Ariel Rechtshaid and Justin Raisen, the song sees Kylie swooning hard. It's the hardest she's swooned for a boy since, well, Aphrodite's "Cupid Boy."

"Now I'm banging on your door just like four up on the floor/ This is happening too soon/ Why are we battling the moon," Kylie coos across hazy, '80s textures and kicky, HAIM-like drums. It's both an appropriately cool-sounding tune for the vinyl-loving hipsters searching hungrily through the crates and a shimmering classic for the Kylie camp. Shine on and on and on!

+ Listen to Kylie Minogue's "Golden Boy."

2.) Mya, "Same Page" featuring Eric Bellinger

Miss Mya is back! After dropping a sultry selection of tunes on Valentine's Day (aka the With Love EP), the sensual songstress has returned this week with a 6-track EP called Sweet XVI, a celebration of the 16th anniversary of the release of her self-titled debut. (Yes, we're all old.)

A collaboration with singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger, "Same Page" is just one of the tracks included on the collection, and it's well worth the celebration. The slinky, electro-R&B jam sees the two singers meeting eye to eye: "We be on the same page," Mya and Eric happily coo in unison.

Now, if we could just get a call in for a reunion with Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Lil' Kim, because CREOLE LADY MARMALAAAAAADE!

+ Listen to Mya's "Same Page" featuring Eric Bellinger.

3.) Grace Jones, "Me! I Disconnect From You"

Grace Jones is one of the most important and influential music icons of all time, and she can still hula-hoop circles around pop princesses half her age. This month, the legendary pioneer is celebrating the release of one of her most iconic albums, 1981's Nightclubbing -- which includes her funky bumper-bumpin' anthem, "Pull Up To The Bumper" -- with a major re-release edition.

The impressive repackaging includes extended remixes and never-before-heard tracks, including her cover of Gary Numan's "Me! I Disconnect From You." Colored by a funky-New Wave-tango strangeness heard in songs like "Libertango" and "Walking In The Rain," it's strange, smooth, and -- as always -- undeniably Miss Grace.

+ Listen to Grace Jones' "Me! I Disconnect From You."

4. Mendoza, "Love Druggie"

In the market for some good Danish pop? (Honestly, who ISN'T?) Rising starlet Mendoza, who says she's a little Jean Paul Gaultier punk, Harajuku Girl and Vivienne Westwood all mixed together, has something that promises to get you seriously hooked: It's called "Love Druggie," and it's an eerily throbbing bout of synth-pop melancholy dedicated to all the lost club kids out there.

"I'm a love druggie falling for these drug junkies/ Come on, call on me besides these X parties," she laments above sparse pulsations. It's a sobering cry to evacuate the dance floor and finally settle down -- which, ironically, would sound perfect in the club.

+ Listen to Mendoza's "Love Junkie."

5.) Sophia Black, "OVR AGN"

Los Angeles-based singer-songbird Sophia Black's been quietly brewing behind the scenes for a while now, penning tracks on Dr. Luke's publishing company, Prescription Records. "OVR AGN" is a preview of what's to come from the rising star.

Produced by Nashville trio BASECAMP, the moody track sees Sophia diving headfirst into downtempo-R&B textures, bringing Jhené Aiko and BANKS to mind. "It's a shame you only want to keep it to goodnight/ I know you want to fall but you're so damn afraid of heights," she sighs above tripping beats, gentle ambient sound, and bright flourishes of piano. #DatingProblems? This is a perfection companion for those lonely nights.

+ Listen to Sophia Black's "OVR AGN."

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