Win The Best Experience Of Your Life With Fall Out Boy, Paramore & New Politics’ MTV Ultimate Fan Experience

Win a life-changing experience with Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and New Politics.

What would happen if three of the world’s greatest living rock bands (that would be Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and New Politics — duh) went on tour and you got to PERFORM ONSTAGE AND THROW A BBQ WITH THEM?!

Well… Do you want to find out for yourself? Then enter to win MTV’s Ultimate Fan Experience to share oxygen, grilled meats, and tons more with the “Monumentour” performers, because literally nothing else in life matters right now.

If you win, you’ll get:

+ Front-row seats to their Jul. 22 show in Raleigh, NC
+ A ride on New Politics’ tour bus from Raleigh to Charlotte #TourLife
+ A BBQ with all three bands
+ The privilege of being Fall Out Boy’s “fun tech” for the day
+ The prestige of being named Paramore’s honorary fourth member
+ All the #FEELS because you’ll get to interview Paramore
+ A bass lesson from FOB
+ The glory of PERFORMING A SONG onstage with Paramore and FOB

Are you still alive? Do you want us to repeat that whole part about how you could be scarfing hot dogs with Pete Wentz and Hayley Williams and also SINGING WITH THEM IRL?!?!

+ Got to, and follow the instructions. Enter by May 2! Now go get ’em!

Photo credit: MTV / GIF: Csulaadmissions’ Tumblr

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