Nick Jonas Is Getting Even More Buff For 'Navy St,' As If That's Humanly Possible

check out this photo of Nick Jonas training for his role on "Navy St."

Literally verklempt at Nick Jonas' bod right now.

Well, Nick Jonas is certainly looking quite, ahem, healthy these days. Whatever, we tried to play it cool, but we can't because HOLY LORD, WHEN DID NICK GET TREE TRUNKS FOR ARMS?!?!?!

Sorry, we're just having a hard time containing our primal urges. We just want to reach into this Instagram photo and feel the concentrated power surging through the former Jonas Brother's muscles. It's just, like, too much to handle. It's hot in here, right?? When did it get so hot in here?!

check out this photo of Nick Jonas training for his role on "Navy St."

It's turns out that he's been training for his upcoming role in the martial arts-themed drama series, "Navy St." Like, his gloriously sculpted physique already gave us the vapors, so the very thought of him going shirtless with a brand-new, buffed-up bod is legit snatching the breath, lungs, souls, wigs, and literally EVERYTHING ELSE right out of us.

Now, excuse us for a sec. We've gotta go set this as our desktop background, phone background, everything background, life background -- essentially ALL THE BACKGROUNDS. Good day.

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