Super-Pregnant Ciara’s Super-Pregnant Easter

Ciara and the Easter bunny

Ciara's baby bump, meet the Easter Bunny!

If you can look past the fact that the Easter bunny in Ciara's  Instagram photo looks better than most human dudes in suits, you'll probably notice how SUPER pregnant she looks chilling with the rabbit.

(No, really, does E. Bunny work for "GQ" or something?)

Instead, the future Ms. Future made the pilgrimage to the H.B.I.C. (that stands for "Hare Bawse In Charge") serving flawless maternal glow, and still had enough energy to snag a few scoops of butter pecan ice cream. She probably moonwalked home to burn off the calories. #SuperWoman

Ciara 2

 Ciara could eat this much ice cream and still look good. 

If we were really pregnant like the "Overdose" singer, we'd demand the Easter bunny make a house call to us, as we lay sprawled out on the couch devouring every last Cadbury Egg, because that giant bump in our language translates to: "I'm not moving until this thing moves out of me."

Like, she's with child and yet STILL gets more things done than we do after ten hours of sleep. BRB, taking a nap to think about this...

Photo credits: Ciara's Instagram

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