Miley Cyrus Celebrated Weedster (4/20 + Easter) In The Best Way Possible

Check out Miley Cyrus' Instagram photos from the hospital on 4/20 and Easter!

Surprise! Miley didn't spend Easter doin' the bunny hop with grandma.

ICYMI, Sunday marked both the annual Christian observance of Easter and the annual stoner observance of 4/20. While Rihanna focused her efforts on celebrating 4/20 and Katy Perry and Ciara spent Easter reading books to dogs and being super-pregnant, respectively, Miley Cyrus made the genius decision to combine both holidays into one major ritual worth writing home about -- or at least Instagramming the sh** out of.

To kick things off right, the "Adore You" singer posted this festive mashup photo up top, which she captioned: "Easter X 4/20." Wait, is that what the real Easter Bunny does with all those carrots you leave out for him? Hmmm, well it would explain his fascination with tie-dyed eggs and super-sweet munchies...

Check out these Instagram photos from Miley Cyrus' Easter.

Literally our fantasy Easter haul.

Now, you might be wondering how Ms. Miley got her Weedster, considering she was recently hospitalized after suffering a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics that she'd been taking. Well, STAHP IT. The Easter Bunny obvs still managed to track her down and leave her a basket of candy, plastic eggs, Disney Princess rings, and the dopest bunny glasses ever. #ICanHaz

OK, that "Easter Bunny" was actually Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and his girlfriend, Katy Weaver, who pitched in give Miley a festive "Welcome Home from the Hospital" gift. Have they considered doing this full-time? I mean, the Easter Bunny's job is taken, but the Weedster Bunny position looks wide open...

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus' Instagram, Katy Weaver's Instagram