New Fave Couple Alert: Iggy Azalea & Nick Young!

Iggy Azalea and NBA player boyfriend Nick Young are our new fave couple!

Today in CUTE, Iggy and Swaggy P are, um, very, very cute.

Sorry, pizza and cake, but there's a new cutest couple in town. We think you already know-oh who it is, but, just in case you've missed all the memos ever, we're talking about Iggy Azalea and her NBA player boyfriend, Nick Young.

I mean, would you just look at this Instagram photo that the "Fancy" rapper posted yesterday? They just look like two little lambs in love, nuzzling each other's faces. Even though Iggy's hinted at her Laker man before, like in that cotton candy photo from Valentine's Day, we think this might be their first legit couple's photo together.

Obviously, we couldn't contain ourselves when we saw it.

Ever the helpful lady that she is, Iggy immediately swooped in to translate our tweet into Emoji.

CUTE. If you ever need to walk a mile in someone's Louboutin's, the I-G-G-Y's got you C-O-V-E-R-E-D.

Speaking of assistance, Iggy, do you wanna help us bake one of those pizza cakes at home? Not help eat, just help bake. We're gonna need to stress-eat the whole damn thing because UNLIKE SOMEBODY we don't have a Laker on our arm.

Photo credit: Iggy Azalea's Instagram