Leisure Suit Jared Leto Proves He’s Not Jesus

Jared Leto apparently ran into Jesus. Good Friday, everyone!

While there is literally an endless list of Jared Leto’s divine flawlessness, it’s important to remind ourselves from time to time that while the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman might look like Jesus, he ain’t the Messiah.

Need proof? Well, how about the “Bright Lights” singer’s new Instagram photo, which he captioned:¬†“Jesus and I.” See? He can’t be Jesus if he’s posing with Jesus. #Logic

Well, Jared is actually standing next to a¬†Jesus, which only means that he’s not THE Jesus. Is this making anyone else’s head hurt?!

Whatever the case, Jared’s still all things holy and scared. I mean, he can pull off this leisure suit like it’s NBD, which is a miracle unto itself. Don’t even get us started on the upper-register hallelujahs we emit when he flips that long “hippy hair.” Like, can we get an amen?!

Photo credit: Jared Leto’s Instagram / GIF: MTV