One Direction's 'You & I' Video: The Terrifying, Mesmerizing Face-Morph GIF That's Traumatizing Us

Watch One Direction's face-morphing "You & I" video, and check out our GIF reaction.

From Britney Spears' "Sometimes" to Beyoncé's "XO," boardwalks have seen a lot of action in music videos, but One Direction definitely takes the setting to the next level with their new clip for "You & I." Then again, why talk about boardwalks when we can cower in fear over all the mind-boggling, reality-defying, face-morphing that goes down? Seriously, stop talking about boardwalks. You're embarrassing yourself.

Does anyone else feel like the Ben Winston-directed video is definitive proof that the lads of 1D are actually wizards? One second Liam's Liam, but then, with the swipe of a hand, he suddenly transmogrifies into Harry! Special effects and expert video-editing? Pshhhht, THAT'S JUST SORCERY.

As you can see, we're feeling literally all the feels that ever done felt over the "Story Of My Life" singers' new clip, not to mention a whole lot of #WUT. That GIF up top pretty much sums up all the confusion, fear, bewilderment, and rapture swirling inside of us. Hope you can relate! Say boardwalk one more time.

+ Watch One Direction's "You & I" video.

Photo credit: Sony, @MTVBuzzworthy, Dimension Films via Vicky B. Online / GIF: MTV